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Godzilla's Top 3 Foes

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Ok, I know many of you may disagree with me on what is below. But I must remind you before you go on, that this is my opinion. Not a poll or a survey data, this is MY opinion. Now that is out of the way, I've studied all of the Godzilla movies very, very, closely and I have desided on the most worthy kaiju (Japanese for monster) to be Godzilla foes. I will not be using the mostly used King Ghidorah, because I really don't think he's worthy to be in Godzilla's Top 3 Foes. And so the three kaiju that I THINK is Godzilla's toughest foes are . . .

Mechagodzilla #3 or Kiryu
This kaiju first appeared in "Godzilla v.s. Mechagodzilla/Godzilla v.s. the Cosmic Monster/ Godzilla v.s. the Bionic Monster"(whatever you want to call it). Now Mechagodzilla has been Godzilla's number 1 foe from the shawa series to hesine series. And they even put him in the millenuim series, he was that popular and powerful. Mechagodzilla was Godzilla's biggest challenge in any of the movie he had, but in 2002 they made him and Godzilla equal in strength. Mechagodzilla is also a threat to all  other kaiju. With his almost unstopable unarmd combat and his uber powerful Absolute Zero Cannon, but most kaijus who are faster and can deliver powerful blows at the same time may be able to bring him down. Or any kaiju that are quick to respond before he is able to unleashes his Absolute Zero Cannon or is able to move away from his artilery/physical attacks.
Monster X / Kaizer Ghidorah
This  kaiju apeered for the first time in "Godzilla: Final Wars". Godzilla's hardest foe to date. When Monster X first fought Godzilla he did great until the BIg-G got the upperhand and started whooping him. But then Monster X did the unthinkable, he transformed into Kaizer Ghidorah and then he was the one doing the whooping. Keizer Ghidorah was able to beat Godzilla very easily until he obsorbed Kizamas keizer energey. Then everything went to heck, it all went to heck because Supercharged Godzilla killed him extremly easily. But becuse of his great power and the fact that he not only almost beat Godzilla, but because he almost KILLED Godzilla. So I give him the honor of being number 2 on my list.
Ok, I know that Godzilla and Gamera have never fought; I know that. It's just that Gamera and Godzilla have the same power/strength. That's why Gamera would be Godzilla's Ultamite foe, but they never fought . . . yet. So even though they haven't fought, yet, that is why I have given him the honor of being number 3 on "Godzilla's Top Three Foes".

If you don't think my Top 3 is correct, well don't e-mail me a complaint about it! LIke I said at the top of the page, this is MY OPINION ! ! !