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The GodzillaKing's Site

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Welcome To Godzilla King
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Welcome to my very own web site ! ! ! Here you can see almost anything on Godzilla, THE KING OF MONSTERS! I'll put up some fan art, fan fiction, and other things I can find. It's still under construction so some things may not be there; and I really don't know if it'll ever be done. So enjoy the site and I hope you like it.

On this site, I will post the usual thing you find in any Godzilla Site (or G-Site for short). I will also include a few personal things from Godzilla's past and such things. Please let me know if you share my enthusiasm or enjoy my site!

A Not From Kavu: Ok, for those of you who don't know, I now fully run UWM. Unfortunetly as a result of owning this one and helping this one, I cannot put my full intention to this site. So I am looking for an assistant to help me out with UMW. If you wish to begin every match in UMW, just e-mail me at

If you e-mail me then I need a few bits of information, which is as follows:

  1. Your name; real or fake
  2. Your age. If you are under the age of fourteen then don't bother sending me an e-mail
  3. Your gender. If you are a boy or girl. This is so I knwo how to refer to you
  4. Your e-mail adress or paretns e-mail address if you are on thiers.
  5. A sample match to see if your a good enough writer

Thats the only six (6) things I need from you or anyone else. I excidedly await everyone's e-mails.


I know some of you may not like my site, but i promiss it'll be getting better as time goes on. I hope that someday it'll be famous for its fanfiction; which I have taken from some other sites. But I really do want you guys to e-mail me some storys. But I will mostly except the real Godzilla fan fiction, maybe a little Gamera or King Kong, but mostly Godzilla. And whatever you do, do not e-mail me any GINO/US Godzilla/Zilla fan fiction, I will just delet it as spam. I refuse to call him Godzilla, he is an insalut to all us Godzilla fans. So if you want anything posted up on the site it better be the real Godzilla, Gamera, or King Kong. NEVER E-MAIL ME A GINO ONE ! ! ! NEVER ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !