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The GodzillaKing's Movie Review
For you guys who have just became Godzilla and/or Gamera fans. Kaiju is the Japanese word for "giant monster(s)". Fans call tham plainly, monster(s). Since some of you may be new to Godzilla fandom. (Not edited by Kavu)

I will have more revews on here soon.

"Godzilla, King Of The Monsters"
Release Date: 1954
Rateing: 3 out of 5
Story: After an atomic bomb test on a small island, a deadly monster rises from the water and goes for Japan. Can the Japanese milatery (like they have any!) stand up to a 50 meter tall monster? Perfect and a nessesaty for any Godzilla fan.
My Opinion: In my opion, this was the dawn of good movies. The only good movie in black and white.

"Godzilla 1985"
Release Date: 1985 . . . DUH!
Raiting: 2 out of 5
Story: After Godzillas was killed in 1954 by a oxygen weapon. Nuclear radiation brought him back and he went to terrorized Japan once again!
My Opinion: A giant waste of time! Godzilla was ugly, bad CGI, and made me want to cry! It's plot didn't even make sense!

Godzilla Vs Biollante 1989
raiting: 5 out of 5
Story: after Godzilla attacked in 1985 i scientist puts some of godzillas sells in a plant this plant then becomes a super creature and fights Godzilla
My opion: Godzilla had become good again it was to good to be true it was the dawn of Good Godzilla movies again
Godzilla VS King Ghidorah 1991
Raiting: 4 out of 5
-story people from the futer come and tell the Japanese Government soon Godzilla will destroy the whole of japan  so the futreistic people go back in time and make it so Godzilla never was brought back to live and it seemed Godzilla was gone forever but then the futreistic people reviled there plan they were realy there to enslave Japan by useing A jiant 3 headed dragon  called king Ghidorah but then the japanese government sent a nuclear sub to resorect Godzilla biger and badder then ever Now its up to the King of the monsters to talkel a greater thret then himself
My opion: it wasent as good as Godzilla vs Biolantie but still prity Good
           Godzilla Vs Mothra the battle For earth 1992
  Raiting: 5 out of 5
  - Story : a metetor form outer space lands in japans seas and awakens Godzilla who has been in sluber since his victory agenst king Ghidorah but the metetor has also relased a giant egg But in this Gient egg lies a creature named mothra but mothra is a peacful creature but then another creature called battra appers and attackes japan Mothra later awakens and faces Godzilla but is beeten mothra then makes a cookoon and later emergis as a giant moth battra then sundenly also tranceforms into a giant black moth the two monsters then team up to face Godzilla.
my opinion: realy good better CGI and Godzilla looked better then before
Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla 2 1993
Raiting 5 out of 5
-story: before i tell u the story its called Godzilla vs mechagodzilla 2 because there was a movie in the shawa series called Godzilla vs mechagodzilla though this movie is not a sequal to the origenal. In late 1992 Japanese scientist take remains of a futeristc technology used by the people from the futere and stuidied its technology and made two superweapons a flying mashine called Garuda which was called a failure and a mechanicle verson of Godzilla called Mechagodzilla and a year later in 1993 they hope to use this mashine to deefet Godzilla
My opion: the best Godzilla movie of the 90s it had the best specil efects and the most action as well
Godzilla vs Spacegodzilla 1994
raiting: 3/2 out of 5
-Story: A monster From space lands on earth resembleing Godzilla and the japanese government has made a new weapon to take on Godzilla and SpaceGodzilla another Jiant Robot Called Mogara no its a 3 way fight to the death guees who wins
my opinion: wasent that good kind of retarded
Godzilla VS Destroyer 1995
Raiting: 4 out of 5
-Story: Godzilla gotten extreamly powerful and obsorbed to much raidation and is glowing red he is now a god when it comes to power but a new creature has risen to fight Godzilla nammed Destoryer who will win
My opinion: pretty good but not the best this movie was saposed to be the last Godzilla movie but in the yea 2000 another was made
 Gamera Guardian of the Universe 1995
Raiting: 3 out of 5
Story: in the anchint city of atlantis they created a bird like monster named Gyoas but the Gyoas went crazy and started eating citisens alive on the end there was no hope for them so they created a new monster named Gamera to defend the next civlisaition after the Gyoas destroid atlantis they ran out of food and turnd canablistic on the end there was only eggs  Gamera would then sleep for thousands of years in 1995 though three Gyoas eggs hatched releasing 3 6 meter tall Gyoas that terorized a small island on the cost of Japan Then Gamera the 80 meter tall fire breathing turtle awakend and killd two of the Gyoas 1 got away and evolved to the 85 meter super Gyoas now Gamera and the Gyoas must dual

My opinion: it was over all good but the CGI was prity bad
     Gamera Attack of Legion 1996
    Raiting: 4 out of 5
Story: a year after Gamera deefeted the Gyoas a giant astroid hit Japan and in them small 6 foot creature called simbiotic legion led by there 140 meter Queen theese legion are now battleing the human rase for control of the planet now Gamera who has now evolved and become much stronger must stop the Legion.
My opinion: it was very good
Gamera Revenge of Iris 1999
Raiting 5 out of 5
Story: more millions of Gyoas have apperd around the world and Gamera now evolved to full power must stop them but then a new creature appeers a 99 meter demon named Iris the two must now duke in the final battle
My opinion: It was realy Good just as good as Godzilla final wars it had great specil efects and was perfect
Godzilla 2000 1999
Raiting 3 out of 5
Story: completely unrelated to any Godzilla movie at all a alien comes and now Godzilla must stop it
My opinion: i dident like it overly it would be nice for it to be related to another Godzilla movie and it was very perdictible it was the begining of the Melinium series but a wird thing is why did they call it Godzilla 2000 if it was made 1999
Godzilla vs Megaguris 2000
Raiting : 3 out of 5
Story: another Godzilla movie that wasent based on any other Godzilla movies   a huge killar bug fights Godzilla
My opinion: it was not that good Godzilla looked the same as he did in Godzilla 2000 and it was kind of wird again
Godzilla mothra and king Ghidorah 2001
Raiting: 1 out of 5
Story: Godzilla from 1954 comes back to live and fights 3 gardien monsters baragon mothra and the most deadly King Ghidorah
My opinion: most Godzilla fans dident like the movie  Godzilla looked so ugly he was fat and his eyes were white his mouth was kindof fat to this Godzilla may have been one of the most powerful second to Godzilla final wars  and all the other monsters looked ugly to and not to mention this Godzilla dident have a chalenge when he faught the other monsters and when he battled king ghidorah he kept killing the monster but it kept coming back to life it was extreamly anoying the only thing i liked was the music but still Godzilla final wars had better music acording to some it had a importent point but what good is a important point if the movie isent intertaining
Godzilla against Mechagodzilla 2002
Raiting 4 out of 5
Story:  a new Godzilla apeerd from the ocean and teroizes Japan a new weapon called kiryu more comenly knowen as mechagodzilla now must fight Godzilla to save Japan
My opinion: the first Good Godzilla movie of the mulenium series though one thing realy got on my nerves about Godzilla's eyes how he was able to open them realy wide wich made him look like a freak but it was prity Good
Godzilla tokyo S.O.S 2003
Raiting: 4 out of 5
Story: when Godzilla and mechagodzilla battled it was a draw Godzilla stumbled wonded into the sea and mechagodzilla was near destroid a year later mechagodzilla is being rebuilt faries come and ask the self defence forces to dump mechagodzilla into the sea because it was created from bones from the origenal Godzilla and if they dont stop useing mechagodzilla that a creature knowen as mothra will attack earth but if they get rid of mechagodzilla mothra will take mechagodzillas place and defend Japan from Godzilla but the milatery dosent belive them and continues to repare mechagodzilla but sudenly Godzilla apeers out of the watter fully heald and starts attacking tokyo mothra trys to defend tokyo but the situation is getting out of hand the self defnce forces fix mechagodzilla as much as they can and then call it into tokyo now Godzilla mothra and mechagodzilla will battle until tokyo is a graveyard
My opinion: was over all good had very very good specil efects done on the monsters and Godzilla never looked better but in 2004 the 50th anerversery movie would come and the best Godzilla movie yet would be reviled
Gamera 4 2006
raiting: ??? out of 5
Story: Gamera is reborn but as a baby turtle and is found by a litte boy who keeps him as a pet but when a monster attacks the city Gamera must tranceform back into his true form and stop the monster
My opinion : havent seen the movie yet
Godzilla Zero hour
dont know what to think yet but this guy is makeing a Godzilla movie it will have realy good CGI and looks amaising it will be comeing out late this year or early next year i dont know if it will only be availible for download on the internet or will be availibe on dvd only time will tell
Raiting: 5 out of 5
Story: Our world every thing we have ever known is at stake when strange Robotic creature's seperated into to groups turn our planet into a war zone though Most have came to Destroy us there are some that have come to protect us and fight alongisde us Now with this war at hand will the surviver be Robot or man????????
My Opinion: The absolute Best Si-fi I have ever scene with brillient acting and almost flawles special efects it is a must see

My  Favorite Godzilla Movie

"Godzilla: Final Wars"
Release Date: 2004
Rating:5 out of 5
Story: In 1964, ten years after Godzilla attacked Japan in 1954, Godzilla has come back again. The J.S.D.F (Japanese Defence Force) had led the monster king to the south pole, were he battled with the millatery. But Godzilla falls into a crator and was frozen for what seemed to be forever. 40 years later in 2004 mutant humans with grat powers appear all over the world, the millitery took these mutants and put them in as soldiers. At the same time monsters begin to attack every major city in the world (a nice change from only having Tokyo as the main target). the millitery soon went into battle with the monsters all over the globe, but in the end aliens saved the planet by capturing them. These aliens, called the Xillians, appeared to be peaceful. But as soon as their plans were relieled (they wanted to take over Earth to eat humans, as we do with cattle) they used the captured kaiju and attacked the world. The millitery did their best, but after the kaiju and the xillians joined forces, they couldn't defeat tham and Earth was easily concured. Only a small group of humans, and one mutant, used the millitery ship called the Gotango to go travel into the south pole( so they could wake Godzilla). After Godzilla was awakened, he went on a worldwide destruction spree and fought every single kaiju that the xillian leader controlled. In the end the last free mutant and the xillian leader fought to the finish, while Godzilla and Mothra double teamed Gigan and Keizer Ghidorah. In the end Godzilla and the free mutant were the only ones left. Godzilla was going to kill the humans when Manilla stoped him. The last Godzilla and Manilla left into the ocean.
Comments: This movie was great! Godzilla was so powerful no other  monster could beat him (even though Keizer Ghidorah came close). They sure made this movie good, as lots of you fans know this was the 50th anniversery. The bad news is there will be no more Godzilla movies untill 2013. This movie also had a very importent lesson, human beings may one day go to far with our super weapons. It also had somthing very importint most Godzilla movies missed, the king of the monsters is a god so no concentional or nuclear weapon can stop him; he fights because he canot forgive mankind for the mistakes. This movie made Godzilla invonerable to  our most powerful weapons, showing humans may one day be destroyed by there own creations. The only thing I wish they'd change is the kaiju fighting length, it needs to be longer (except for Godzilla v.s. Zilla, that one should of been short).