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GodzillaKing's Top 10 Kaiju

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OK, everyone has their own favorite Kaiju, so do I. So for your entertainment, even if you don't find it to be fun, I have posted up my (and Kavu's)  top five favorite Kaijus. Enjoy these and e-mail us and tell us what you thought.

Who else could I put as my number one fav? It's obviously going to be Godzilla. The reason for him being #1?The king of the monsters has almost never lost a battle.
With Kiryu being a mixture of godzilla and technology, whats not to love? I think if givven the chance, Kiryu could easily of bested many of the other kaiju. Even giving The Big Guy a hard time himself.
Coming in number 3 is Gamera, the fire breathing trutle from outer space. His movies were very intertaining, and the fact that he is the same strength as Godzilla doesn't hurt either. That is why Gamera made it to the number 3 hold.
Although the series was goofy and childesh, i liked this Mothra and thought alot was left to be needed for her. In the movies Mothra battles her enemies with cunning and grace, that is why she has come to hold the 4th possition in the top 5.
OK, I know that I already had a Mothra in my favorites.But you got to give me a little break, Mothra may not be the most powerful Godzilla foe, but she is still my number 5 favorite.

OK, now that GodzillaKing has shown his top 5 kaiju. I think it is only fitting that I  hold my end of the bargen up. So here is my top 5 favorite kaiju, as follows:
Godzilla (Heisei).
OK, I know everyone has godzilla as their favorite kaiju, but I have one specific godzilla in mind. Godzilla Meltdown, out of all of the godzillas, this guy is the most powerful. That pretty much explains why he's #1.
Space Godzilla.
As a special reminder, Space Godzilla comes in 2nd place. I know most fans think SG looks stupid and his powers are even dumber, but I think oppositly. Space Godzilla is one of the coolest and most awsomest kaiju I've ever seen.
Coming in #3 is Kiryu. I like him mainly because he goes wild and destroys things like the orignal godzilla did, but better. A godzilla and the latest piece of technology (oh, yeah! Kavu likey!)
Mothra (GMK).
OK, I know GodzillaKing like Mothra . . . alot. But I only like her because of the way she looks. Visually satisfing and the music that goes along with her arrival isn't that bad either.
Space Monster vs. Hotel: any bets?
No one else can wrap up the top five other than the orignal bad boy. King Ghidorah is the most recognized and evil kaiju that appears the most. He on more than one occasion has leveled Tokyo just as bad as his rival has done.
And that wraps everything up.