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I love to get any e-mail. So if you like what you've seen here and/or got any comments for improving this site, then please e-mail me or my partner Kavu.

Like what you've read here? Hate what you've read here? Share my passion and want to contribute?

Please get in touch with me or Kavu and we will add things to the site ( i.e. Created Monsters, Fan Fiction, and stuff like that). I will accepte any Fan Fiction you give me on a few bases, 1.) As long as it is Godzilla related, 2.) It's at least 5 paragraphs long, 3.) It's not about the US Godzilla, and 4.) It has to be a serious story, it can't be a comady or a joke; unless I find it extremely funny and think it's worth putting up. 

So get out there and send us some e-mails. We need lots and lots of ideas if this site is to prosper. We'll need your help from those of you who will write stories and make monsters for our site. Thanks abound for those who are going to help!

The GodzillaKing: