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Hello everyone! If you think you have what it takes to help run a web site, create kaiju of your own, or just like writing about kaiju fighting; Then here is your chance! If you really believe you can do any of these things, then all you have to do is answer the questions below, truthfully, and e-mail me at or to
So here are the questions you must answer . . .
1.)YOU must be at least 14 years of age to even qualify for helping to run this site (If you ARE less then 14 and want to help run this site, then please stop what your doing right now and come back later)
2.)YOU must give me a screen name to write for this site. I do not care if the screen name is your real name or a fake name.
3.)YOU must give me your email adress in case I need to mail you something (I will not e-mail you anything that doesn't have to do with the Web Site)
4.)YOU must tell me what your interests/hobbies are, what your favorite monster movie is, and what country you live in(i.e. US, Canada, Spain, etc.)
5.)YOU must tell me what your favorite Kaiju is
6.) And YOU must at least be a fan of Japanese Monster Movies. This is a given . . .
                                           The Site Owner ____________________________________________________


Interests/Hobbies: Godzilla, Gamera, The Matrix, and Star Wars I-VII

Favorite Monster Movie: so far "Godzilla: Final Wars"

Home Country: Canada

Favorite Monster: Godzilla . . . duh ! ! !

My Age: 17 year old

Godzilla King Site Helper ____________________________________________________

                                                      Kavu ____________________________________________________
Interests/Hobbies:  Internet, Comic Books, and Manga (or Japanese comics)
Favorite Monster Movie: so far "Godzilla: Final Wars"
Home Country: US (United States)
Favorite Kaiju: Godzilla and Gigan FW, not sure which one
Age: 16 years old