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Can't get enough Godzilla? Then if our site has to little or you've read through all of our current things. Then you should go and visit one of our sponsor sites.

Here are some Godzilla sites you can go and see. Not a one says a bad thing about the Big Guy. And thats a promise!
A very good godzilla site with some very good info. Home of WMW and one of the best sites I've found.
A very good godzilla site with tons of info on almost antthing. Another of the top sites I've found.
A very good godzilla site. But it currently seems to be "dead". It'll be back at an unknown time.
This thing is probably the most massive Godzilla site I've ever seen! Untill it essentialy went "dead" (^_^). *It'll be back at an unknown time.
Very well done, really big, and also has tons of info. All in all it's a really well-made site. It has the original KWF, the first well-made written format monster wrestling. its my ( the Godzilla Kings ) personal favorite
An average kaiju site. It has all the usual things that good kaiju sites
have . . .
Now we owe tripod alot, and we mean ALOT, for allowing me to create this site. Usually most of the Godzilla at tripod are dumb and less interesting. Technically all Godzilla tripod sites are now dead, except for this one, we are the last up and running sites. So thanks again Tripod for letting us run this Godzilla site!!!!!