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'Godzilla 2013' Info

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The 'king of the monsters' in what alot of people hope will be his greatest movie ever!

You guessd it! The big guy is coming back! He will be returning in supposed 2013. I went all the way to Tokyo to talk to the producers of Toho and asked them about Godzilla 2013. They said it would be the most explosive godzilla movie yet. They were going to get Gourge Lucas to help with the CGI and a new generation of Toho directors will work on this movie. They want it to have the best special effects the movie can have. For the time they refused to tell me the plot, but they said it maybe, just maybe, a sequal to "Godzilla v.s. Destroyah" and that this time the new Godzilla will be bigger and badder then ever ! ! ! We can now only wait and hope that this Godzilla movie will be everything that we want to see in a godzilla movie.
while your board of waiting for Godzilla 2013 for the next little while check Godzilla Zero hour out bellow in this movie finaly Godzilla and Gamera get to dual

The movie looks great it will have amaising CGI heers the trailer its under cunstrucktion so far the monsters dont yet look real and they keep changeing the cgi aperince of Godzilla because they cat deside what to make him look like the CGI of the monsters is not done yet though when it is done theese monsters will look 100% realistic

Soon the guys who's doing this plan to revolutionize fan films will be showing trailer clips. When they're available I'll get them out to you guys. I will put it on this site for those of you who want to download each episode. They will be 45 minutes long each.
The movie is supposed to look great, it will have amazing CGI. Here is the trailer, it's under construction so far. The kaiju don't look real yet, and they keep changing the CGI appearance of Godzilla. Because they can't decide what to make him look like in this film. The CGI of the other kaiju are not done yet either, though when it is done these kaiju are supposed to look 100% realistic. We can only hope . . .
Like I said above each episode will be 45 minutes long. Which means that since there is 4 different episode we will have about 3 hours of a godzilla fan film. I promise you that the same time they come out they'll be posted up on this site.