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The Winners and Losers Of The Godzilla World

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These are the greatist fights in Godzilla history. Each one greater than the next, and the worst of the worst.
'Godzilla v.s. King Ghidorah'
When Godzilla duked it out with King Ghidorah, it came pretty close. The Godzilla movie was the first of many fierce battles between Godzilla and King Ghidorah.
'Godzilla v.s. Mecha-King Ghidorah'
This was another good fight. In the movie Godzilla fights a reborn King Ghidorah. Mecha King Ghidorah is able to hold his own against the new and imporved, and more eviler then, Godzilla. A hard hands-to-hands fight to the death.
'Godzilla VS Rodan'
In the movie 'Godzilla v.s. Mechagodzilla 2', yet another fierce battle came at start of the movie. With Godzilla arriving on Ogasawara island, were he was incounterd by Rodan,  the two monsters soon duald each other. Rodan seemed to be winning, but then Godzilla mannaged to fire a heat ray; which nearly killd Rodan. This battle is clearly one of the best out there.
'Godzilla v.s. Mechagodzilla 2'
 Godzilla  faces off against Mechagodzilla . . . again. In the movie he makes his way toward Kyoto, but is stopped by Mechagodzilla, who was sent to defeat him. Mechagodzilla fired his attacks at Godzilla, most didn't effect the king of the monsters, but his lazer beams from his eyes and Mega buster from his mouth were doing there toll on Godzilla. When Godzilla finaly fired his heat ray at Mechagodzilla, instead of hurting the mechanical monster, the heat sheild obsorbed it into him which aloud him to fire his plasma grenade attack which reflected the force of his beams back at Godzilla makeing him colapse. Mechagodzilla then fired wires into Godzilla's flesh and sent electrical waves through Godzilla. It seemed mechagodzilla was going to win, but then technacal difficulties effected the robot, allowing Godzilla to take the upper hand and defeat Mechagodzilla. This truly was one of the best Battles of all time.
OK you've seen the best, now for the hardest thing you'll ever go through; the worst kaiju movies ever!
'Showa Series Battles'
In sucky Godzilla movies like, 'Godzilla v.s. Gigan' and every Godzilla Movie from 1962-1978, were probobly the worst Battles in Godzilla History ever! Being so retarted and weird, most never made sense and was boring enough to make a grown man cry
(Although I, Kavu, think some of them were ok.)

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