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U.M.W. (aka. Ultimate Monster Wars)

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(UMW now ran and operated by Kavu)
This is a soon to be grand slam fighting organization. Right here I will be write matches of your created kaijus(aka monsters); I read their powers and then test them. Their skills and their abilites will be put to the limit in varying matches, until only one is left standing. If you have made a kaiju, and want to see it battle, then just e-mail it to me; I'll get the fighting on its way after that. I do not try and rig the matches in any way and try to make EVERYTHING even between the two or more opposing kaiju.
Godzilla King and I wanted the Fan Created Kaiju to have matches because of one simple reason. In every Kaiju Fighting Thing we've ever seen, there has only been one rule in common between all the other sites. "NO FAN CREATED KAIJU ALLOWED ! ! !" If this is America, then I say let the fan-created kaiju fight; and that is what I am aiming to do! So send in your monster and have him fight, here in the only G-Site that allows it! (^_^) Kind of like a underground circuit, now that I think about it . . . hmmmmm ????
If you wish to have your own kaiju in UMW then you MUST e-mail me at I usually have no rules when it comes to making kaiju, but since this is an online thing, I had to make some rules.
So here are the rules:
  1. Include your name and (optional) e-mail address

  2. Height (Max. 300 meters - Min. 123 meters)

  3. Weight (Max. 20,000 lbs. - Min. 1,000 lbs)

  4. Regular Abilities (ie. claws, teeth, etc.)

  5. Special Abilites (ie Thermonuclear Blast; !WARNING! the most powerful special ability your kaiju can use is one that can destroy an entire building in a single shot. NO MORE THAN THAT ! ! !)

  6. At least a paragraph(four sentances) of your kaiju's history

  7. Fighting power (a full description of how the kaiju would battle)

Do not put ??? everywhere. Please make sure it’s detailed and well-written, also be sure to spell-check.

8.   The monster must be original, and not based on another. So no Super-Dooper-Hyper-Godzillas.

9.   The artwork must be original and not stolen from other source. DO NOT USE A PICTURE OF A MONSTER AND MODIFY IT TO CALL IT YOUR OWN! This includes blue rodans and scorpions shooting beam weapons. What I do want is artwork that was made completely by you or a consenting party. You can whip it up with crayon, slap something together with a computer paint program, or make a full-fledged 3-D model. The medium is up to you, as long as it isn’t based on someone else’s work.

10.   Limit five per customer. Void where prohibited. No purchase neccisary. At participating locations only. Offer expires when this site does.

Even if this is an "underground circuit," we need some rules so it wont be completely barberic. So as follows, these rules are being put in effect imediatly!

The rules are very similar to pro wrestling, but with a little more lenience . Basically, the monsters can do whatever they want, including killing the opponent. Instead of folding chairs and tables, they use cars and buildings. Instead of a ring, they use random battle sites that we find fit to place them in. The way you win is about the same.

Pin: The loosing monster is on its back with its shoulders to the ground with the opponent on top of it for 3 seconds. For monsters with no shoulders, it must be their entire "back". The "back" and "shoulders" will be determined by the creative control department

Submission: If the loosing monster is put in a "hold" (including choke hold) by the opponent, and "taps out" (hit's something three times with any limb. If it has no "limb", it has to mentally say, "I quit".).  

TKO: To put it simply. The loosing monster dies.

Give Up: At any time in the match, a monster can mentaly say "I quit", and retreat to the holding area on a nearby island. They will loose the match if they do this, but it saves them from further pain. But sometimes it's better to give up than go through further pain.

Ten Count: If a monster is incapacitated, the referee can do a slow count to ten, and that monster looses. If both monsters are down, a mandatory ten count will be issued, and after that, the first one that shows noticable movement wins. If neither one moves within ten minutes, it will result in a tie.

Count Out: If a monster leaves the designated area for more than 20 seconds, it looses. This is one way a tie can happen. Another way is that they both die at the same time (1 second gap maximum). Going out of bounds is highly restricted, so hopefully this will never happen.

Here is a list for the many types of matches you might see:

Singles match = 1 vs. 1
"I Quit" Match = Pins are not allowed, and monsters are incouraged to win by way of "Give Up".
First Blood Match = Monsters are eliminated if they "bleed"
Torch Match = Monsters are eliminated if they are set on fire
Table Match = Giant folding tables are provided in a match. Monsters are eliminated if they go through a table.
Hardcore Match = Giant versions of folding chairs, baseball bats, trash cans, lumber, cooking trays, tables, ladders, rings steps, and various other items are provided to be used in a match.
Steel Cage Match = the biggest darn cage you ever did see is built to hold monsters in any type of fight.  

That's about all there is to the rules. It's a "no holds barred" fight! A monster is put immediately under control after a match, so it can be put away, the other monsters receive medical attention if necessary. If a monster runs out of control and can't be stopped, it is disqualified and the other monster wins.

The Monster Mash 1st Annual Site Tornament!


GK:  Well I am the owner, and since we only have a few kaiju so far, mine and Kavu's will be fighting to the death!
Kavu: That means Stero and The Pheonix will be going at it! And if you like my work here, go and see my official writing in "Godzilla Tower!" So lets go!

Stero v.s. Pheonix------------------------ Stage: TOKYO ! ! !

Stero and Pheonix land on either end of Tokyo city, the residence go running in fear and panic! Stero lets out a deafing roar and the Pheonix responds with an ear peircing screech. As soon as the Pheonix is done screeching, she leaps into the sky and begins to circle around at Mach 10! Stero watches and then jumps up himself. Pheonix lets out a Uranium blast that nearly hits Stero in the heart! Stero fortunatly dodges this attack with ease and grace, streaking back and tackles Pheonix. Pheonix isn't able to get rid of Stero as he begins to drain her of her energy. Pheonix is finally able to summersault Stero off and turn to fight him again. But to Pheonix's supprise Stero has become . . . Pheonix Stero! Stero uses a combined Uranium Blast with Pheonix's Spiral Heat Beam. Pheonix is so shocked that a kaiju such as Stero could exist that she had no time to react to the blinding attack! With one powerful smash Pheonix is slamed into Tokyo Tower and is killed immediatly! Tokyo Tower crumbles on her and makes a make-shift grave. Stero roars in triumph and soars into the setting sun. Everyone, who wasn't killed in the battle, watches in amazment as this newest King Of Kaiju sails off.

GK: Who will be Stero's next victim?

Kavu: Anyone he pleases!




Gk: Well Kavu, this promises to be a good battle between your created Kaiju, Stero, and Ezilla82's, Glacerion! Who do you think will win?

Kavu: That would depend on how they fight and what arena we put them in. Though I am pretty confident that my Stero will win this battle . . . and kick this new guys A-S-S ! ! ! !

GK: Well lets see for ourselves Kavu. I've studied there abilities and now let us have them fight. This will be a most fierce battle, but what ever Kaiju wins this battle will have to tangle with another fan-created-kaiju creation, or possibly . . . my creation, Godzilla J.R (adult form)! Only time will tell . . .

Stero v.s. Glacerion ------------------------------------------------ Arena: VANCOVER B.C (in Canada, for those of you who don't know where it is)

Glacerion lands in the city and begins to freeze everything in site. The helpless Canadians try to run, but still get frozen right in their tracks. After 35% of Vancover B.c. is frozen a sudden blast of heat sweaps the feild as Stero carens out of the searing flames, slamming into Glacerion. Glacerion slams into a building and emerges with a broken arm and leg. Imediatly reheals and sends out a streams of blue lightning and strikes Stero in the chest! Stero howls with pain and sends back a bright beam of Uranium Blast. Glacerion dodges in the nick of time and strikes Stero with his fearsome claws, Stero yells in pain. As Stero lands into a tower, Lora climbs up and scans the city. Glacerion is about to attack Stero when his master, freshly out of jail, commands him to continue to destroy the city. As Glacerion follows his masters command, he freezes the building Lora is standing on. As the tower sways back and forth Lora screams out in terror as she almost falls. Stero hears his masters screams and his inner evil aweakens, and Stero stands up with lightning streaking across his entire body. Glacerion immediatly looks over to Stero, and stops in a stun of fear! Stero sends out an enormious beam of energy that engulfs Glacerion and the rest of the city! Glacerion barely survives and his master is untouched (since Glacerion covered his master with every ounce of energy he had). Glacerion can't regenerate, due to it being so hot, and stumbles to his feet trying to attack the empowered Stero. Stero grabs Glacerion's arm and tosses him aside, almost like he was nothing at all! Stero charges up an Uranium Blast and is about to send it screaming into Glacerion. AS Glacerion flinches to expect the attack, Stero stops and walks away. Glacerion looks up in amazment, his face almost says "Why aren't you finishing me off?" In response Stero glances back with his black eyes and roars, "You aren't worth my time. I could finish you off at any moment in the battle. I'd rather see you fight someone else. To see where you stand in this thing." With that Stero leaps, and soars away! Leaving Glacerion shocked and stunned in a desolant city.

Kavu: I can't believe this! I simply can't!

GK: I can. Glacerion seemed to be the better fighter.

Kavu: Are you nuts?! Stero had clearly won this fight! I guess your blind or something! Stero quite and wanted to see if Glacerion was good enough to defeat someone else.

GK: Oh, I guess I wan't paying atention. Not having your Kaiju in there kind of makes everything boring for someone else.

Kavu: Well it's ok. So to everyone else. See you latter!


Match #3

Gk: Lucky for us Kavu, somebody gave us another kaiju; just in time I might add. The person called his/her creation Orthankru (Or-thank-roo). If you don't mind Kavu, I think my Godzilla Jr. should fight this time. After all Stero does need a short break anyway.

Kavu: Well, I guess why not? So lets see what this new creation can do . . . 

Gk: Okey-dokey! Let us watch my Godzilla Jr. fight Darkmans Orthankru. Now for the area where these two shall compete against each other . . . I think the United Kingdom (England for those who don't know) would suffice.

Godzilla Jr. vs. Orthankru ------------------------------------------------ Wales, United Kingdom

It's a normal day in Whales, a young man runs to get his boss the daily paper, very routine. But today will be like no other day Whales has ever seen! A seemingly small earthquake rocks Whales, and as time proceeds the "earthquakes" grow in intensity. The young man peers up and gasps in horror as Godzilla Jr. walks through the countries military defenses! The military forces fire at Godzilla Jr. with all they can muster, but their ammunition is like getting hit by the tiniest fly in the world; nothing the military does can stop Godzilla Jr., descendant of the King of the Monsters! Godzilla Jr's dorsal plates begin to emit a blue glow, then as the glow reaches its brightest point Godzilla Jr. opens his mouth and fires his thermonuclear breathe! Next he realizes an atomic heat ray (equally powerful to Godzilla FW in regular form) upon the tank(s), which are obliterated in an instant. The grounds were the beam hit is immediately turned into molten rock. Godzilla Jr. continues to destroy the city at his leisure, then he notices something in the air . . . its Orthankru! The dragon lands on the ground and roars in a challenging tone, Godzilla then roars in response to this challenge. Orthankru fires a fire beam directly at Godzilla Jr, which surrounds him completely but the attack is merely regular fire, leaving no real affect on him. Godzilla Jr. then releases his heat ray at Orthankru, unfortunately his opponent dodges it and then flies into Godzilla! The forceful ram of Orthankru knocks down Godzilla Jr. Soon Godzilla Jr. rises up to continue the fight, but is hit again by Orthankru's beam! Godzilla Jr. can hardly stand up to the gigantic beams, but somehow manages to release his own heat ray. The attack surprises Orthankru, who is hit by the full force of the attack in the chest. Orthankru is sent flying backwards into a building, but the dragon quickly rises up; not to badly damaged. Both Kaiju charge into each other and knocks each other to the ground, Orthankru immediately jumps up and slashes at Godzilla's face with his claws. Godzilla Jr. is utterly amazed, this creatures claws are really, really sharp; sharp enough in fact to leave scratch marks on his skin, even though he can withstand an atom bomb! On the other hand, Orthankru is even more surprised to see Godzilla's wound completely heal right before his eyes in a split second! Godzilla Jr gets up and fires another heat ray at Orthankru's face, which of coarse hits and sends him flying right into the ground. Orthankru gets up, but is temporarily blinded; he then manages to open his eyes enough to see some vague shapes and shadows, Orthankru grunts and groans due to the fact that his eyes sting terribly. Orthankru can just barely make out the figure of Godzilla roaring, then the next thing he “sees” is a huge nuclear pulse coming out of his opponent’s body! The pulse destroys every building and causes huge explosions all over the city. Orthankru squints in amazement and roars, trying to show he has no fear. But Godzilla Jr. isn’t fooled so easily and fires his spiral heat ray (same power as Fw's heat ray when he gets Osaka's Kaiser powers), the spiral attack hits Orthankru's chest, next thing Orthankru knows is blood splattering out of his chest! He screams in pain and limps back, Godzilla Jr. roars in triumph then fires another heat ray at his enemy, obviously showing no mercy. The attack somehow misses as Orthankru flies up in the air; he tries to escape but Godzilla Jr. fires another Spiral Ray. This one hits Orthankru on his back and is knocked unconscious. Orthankru falls toward the ground with increasing speed, Godzilla Jr. roars and walks toward the fallen dragon, once again Orthankru is somehow able to rise up and fires yet another beam at Godzilla's feet. The ambush attack causes Godzilla Jr. to fall onto the ground; Orthankru then flies up into space and then instantly flies back down again. Orthankru streaks back to Earth with a wicked look in his eye, the look only a person (or Kaiju for this matter) gets when their out for blood! Orthankru plummets toward the ground and hits where Godzilla Jr. is lying. The only thing that we can see now is a huge explosion, dust being kicked up, and the terribly screams of Godzilla Jr. 

Kavu: Wow Gk! He just annihilated your favorite kaiju! You must be pretty made right about now!?

Gk (with a small smirk on his face): Humph, I wouldn't say so? After all we still need to see if my kaiju is dead.

Kavu: Uh?

As the smoke clears, Orthankru stands in the large crater he made. There appears to be . . . wait! There’s absolutely no sign of Godzilla Jr! Orthankru roars in triumph, but the ground below him begins to rumble? This can’t be! After an attack like that he can’t still be alive! But wait, yes! He is alive! The rumbling suddenly stops, then Godzilla Jr. bursts out of the ground, roaring in his fit of rage! His body is completely covered with blood and bruises, but the serious or life threatening wounds heal in seconds. Godzilla Jr glares at Orthankru, as he glares at his enemy three red energy spirals spin around Godzilla Jr's body; his dorsal plates and mouth glow red too. The glowing intensifies, and then suddenly stops? Orthankru tilts his head in a questioning manner, the instant he does this Godzilla Jr. spews out several spiral rays; this attack can only be Godzilla Jr’s Hyper Spiral Heat Ray!!! The awesome attack hits the pavement near Orthankru, who is none the less shaking like a kitten. As the unbound attack strikes the pavement, a nuclear explosion erupts from the ground, the next thing you know, Orthankru screams in pain as the energy burns and cuts his skin his body as it begins to disintegrate into thin air. Soon there is nothing left; as the smoke clears, Godzilla Jr. stands in the crater he created and roars in absolute victory!

Gk: I told you! I told you! And you doubted Jr.!

Kavu: Impossible! How could he survive that? Well after all he is-

Gk: I got two reasons why he survived. 1.) Godzilla Jr. can re-heal easily; the only way to defeat him is to leave a huge enough wound on his body that will take a long time to heal. Then all you do is strike the spot over and over again. 2.) His nuclear energy gives him all the power he needs to take any form of attack. My Godzilla will teach the other kaiju here a lesion they WILL NEVER FORGET!!!

Kavu: Um, Gk? You Ok?

Gk: Yeah . . . I guess I got carried away.


Gk: Ok, ok! I’m sorry!

Kavu: It’s ok, just don’t do it again.




Match #4

Gk: It’s a bright and sunny day here at UMK! Looks like the Phoenix survived her battle with Stero and she is heading toward Seattle, Washington. Wait . . . I’ve got a report that Glacieron is heading in the same direction!

Kavu: Oh boy! This is going to be a good one!

Gk: Hopefully it will.

Kavu: Awe man! I can’t believe this!

Gk: What’s the matter?

Kavu: Two elemental kaiju going head-to-head in mortal combat. And I forgot to bring camera!

Gk: Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooook, what ever.

Phoenix vs. Glacieron --------------------------------------- Seattle, Washington

Glacieron lands with a thud in Seattle, Washington! The citizens look in fear and begin to run away in hysteria, but alas it’s too late! Glacieron fires an energy beam sending countless citizens into the air; some were also killed on impact. The ground starts to shake as Glacieron starts growing crystals around the city, making it into his own crystal fortress (for those who don’t know, Glacieron needs to create a fortress out of ice to cool him when he goes into warmers areas. He does this so he won’t melt away from the change in heat), all of the humans beings in the way of the fortress are now frozen pop-icicles. Glacieron roars, but then out of the corner of his eye he sees a shape in the sky . . . the Phoenix!!! She lands and screeches at Glacieron, the ice monster roars back as suddenly the flames on Phoenix's body grow larger and larger. As the flames grow in intensity they also grow in temperature, soon the Phoenix looks as if she’s mocking Galacorien! The ice monster seems to grunt at the absurd challenge, and then in response to Phoenix’s mockery he decreases his own internal temperature so much that you can see the air around him. Both kaiju charge forward and smash into each other, causing steam to erupt instantly after they clash. Now you can just see steam, hear struggling grunts, and roars. Then both kaiju push each other out of the steam and charge into each other once again, causing yet more steam to fill the city; the Phoenix and Glacieron push each other back yet again. Both titans fire there respective rays at each other, which clash together as the two Kaiju struggle to drive the other back towards its source. Somehow neither have any such luck, as both beam wares out. The kaiju then charge again, but this time Phoenix jumps and slashes Glacieron's face, only to see it regenerate! Glacieron kicks Phoenix in the chest, sending her tumbling back; she gets up, still with will and strength to fight. Phoenix flies into Glacieron, but the ice monster ducks and Phoenix flies strait into a huge block of ice, as the makes contact with the ice it quickly turns into water. As she drives deeper into the block of ice, the water washes her fire completely out. Glacieron seems to chuckle and watches as Phoenix struggles to crawl away, but Glacieron forms a sharp knife out of ice which is at absolute zero! Glacieron then grabs Phoenix and stabs her in the back with the knife then uses all his strength to toss Phoenix far away into the ocean. Glacieron roars in victory, makes a large orb around himself, then the orb flies at speeds of Mach 12, then easily passes out of site in mere seconds. Meanwhile, Phoenix is slowly sinking in the Pacific Ocean. The Phoenix tries to breathe and swim up, but alas she is too weak. She hopelessly gives up and just lets the water drag her under, without warning she feels something grab her and pull her out of the water; It’s Stero, who happened to be flying near the area. He places Phoenix onto an island and pulls the knife out; the knife is so cold its even freezing his hand as I speak! Without hesitation he troughs the knife into the ocean floor, and then rubs his hand to warm it up. Phoenix looks in amazement as to say, “Why did you save me? Didn't you almost kill me a few months ago”? Stero looks as to say, “You can keep your life women! As long as you leave the humans alone! Else the next time you won’t be so lucky”! Stero flies off the island, and then flies towards the ruins of Seattle. Stero looks in shock and terror of what Glacieron has done to the entire city! The city is nothing more than a frozen wasteland; Glacieron has destroyed the city so bad that even now it appears to be over ten thousand years old! Stero makes a roar out of pure rage which echoes through the desolate city. Stero then turns towards Glacieron’s direction, with his eyes shinning a crimson color. The only thing on Stero’s mind? Avenge the countless innocents that have been killed!

Gk: Wow! Glacieron has beaten Phoenix! I guess ice is superior to fire, but all those countless people! How could he do something like that!

Kavu: He’s a monster Gk. Don’t let it worry you too much.

Gk: Kavu, take control, I’m going to go get Phoenix.

Kavu: Gk, you can’t, but I’ll make darn sure Glacieron gets what coming to him!

Gk: Lets hope so . . .


Match #5

GK: I know our last battle was . . . well a shocking. But now Glacieron is going to get what he so rightfully deserves!

Kavu: Stero is defiantly going to make Glacieron pay! So let's finish this petty rivalry!

GK: It's Stero and Glacieron fighting in the South Pole; so let’s end this year with a bang!

Stero vs. Galacorien -----------------------------------------Southern Pole

*New Years Match!*

Glacieron trudges through the snow that blankets the continent like a snug coat. He hears a glacier crack and instantly turns around, only to see some seals huddling together; a perfect snack for a starving kaiju. He lunges at the seals with his mouth gapping open, however he is slapped on the lower jowl, which propels him back into the snowfall! Glacieron glances up to witness Stero hovering just above the seals, eyes filled with hate! Glacieron hobbles up to one knee, and then grunts as if to ask the simple question, “What on Earth was that for?!" Stero never responses, instead he lashes out again and agin in a frenzy. Glacieron dodges just in time of time to adviode the attacks! Glacieron realizes that Stero is out for blood this go 'round, and send his ice ray directly at him. Stero merely dodges like he was . . . dancing? Yeah, you heard right, Stero just back-flipped and then struck an elegant pose; well, more like an insulting pose, as he wiggles his fingers to say “Can’t touch this!" Glacieron is none the less angered by this gesture and begins to assault Stero with a barrage of ice shaped shurikens (almost like in 'Naruto')! Stero only does his elegant moves, and swiftly maneuvers around the projectiles. Glacieron is getting increasingly fustrated, since so far his attacks haven’t even touched Stero; and to make matter worse, Stero keeps on mocking him. Nevertheless he fires more ice projectiles, which all fail to hit their intended target. Stero is now behind Glacieron, and he immediately begins to impale his enemy with his spiked tail, Uranium beam, and mouth syringe! Glacieron cries out as his body is repeatedly pierced by Stero’s merciless show of aggression! Glacieron then forms two ice daggers on his elbows, and then rams them into Stero’s chest! Now free of Stero’s attacks, Glacieron lunges 20 feet away from Stero, turns around, and fires a sub-zero ice beam! Stero is instantaneously turned into an ice statue! Glacieron slowly, but cautiously walks around the iced up Stero. Glacieron flicks Stero with his tail gently and the unthinable happens! Stero shatters into a million pieces! Glacieron shoots backwards, and then only stands in amazement; had he really defeated his rival that easily? He has single handedly defeated probably the strongest kaiju in the UMW roster! Glacieron goes to roar with a glee of victory, but stops when he sees the clumps of ice reform back into Stero!? Or, to be more correct, the newest incarnation of him! Glacieron’s jaw comically drops to the floor as Stero emerges with flames licking his wings, fists, tail, horns, and knees; this is 'Inferno Stero'!

GK: Wait? How did Stero get the power of fire? No kaiju with those power are a in a trillion miles of this area?

Kavu: That’s easy to explain, Stero must have absorbed some of Phoenix’s power before he left and has been storing it.

GK: So Stero knew Glacieron would be a tough fight, so he must have asked Phoenix to lend him some of her power! Amazing!

Stero spews out a blaze of black and red fire that melts even the 20 feet thick ice on which their standing! Glacieron lunges back as the intense hell-flame licks at his melting body. Stero then charges at Glacieron; head down and ready to run clear through his enemy. Glacieron fires another one of his ice rays at Stero; however the beams vanish even before they can get within a meter of Stero. Stero dives out of the steam and rams his horns straight through Glacieron, who slumps to the floor. As Stero goes to walk away, a loud cracking noise emits for every direction. Stero instinctively stares down to see the glacier he and Glacieron is standing on break in two! Stero and Glacieron splash into the freezing ocean, which immediately revives Glacieron and extinguishes Stero’s fire. Glacieron swings one arm and is now facing a rapidly dying Stero (because he is still fire . . .duh!). Stero tries to swim to the surface, but is stopped by Glacieron, who is holding him down; Stero’s vision and hearing begin to fade. Glacieron begins to laugh hysterically as he continues to strangle hold Stero, in the next instant Glacieron spits out some of his blood!? Stero has changed into yet another form, Frost Stero, after absorbing some of Glacieron’s power! Stero has not only turned into another form fitted perfectly for this arena, but has grown ice spikes all over his body; making him look like an ice porcupine. If you haven’t figured out what’s happened yet, let me enlighten you, Stero has pierced Glacieron multiple time with the spikes he’s grown from his body. Glacieron tries to let Stero go and escape so he can regenerate, but Stero will have none of that. Stero sends two more ice spikes into Glacieron’s hands, causing him to stick around, and then quickly moves his arms to his chest. With that one subtle move, Stero has ripped Glacieron apart! Stero then blankets the ocean floor with his Uranium Beam, making sure Glacieron never returns to the world of man.

GK: He did it! He beat the unbeatable!

Kavu: No one is unbeatable. Even my Stero can be stopped with the right stratagy.

GK: Are you sure? I bet Godzilla Jr. could easily beat him without a plan!

Kavu: I don’t think so.

GK: You wannnna see about that?

Kavu: OK, sure, why not.

[Exit GK, Kavu, and Stero]

On the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, a clump of sand lays undisturbed. A blue whale swims leisurely by, when all of a sudden a deformed hand lashes out! The hand takes the whale into the sand where the sounds of snapping bones is heard as the whale is quickly eaten. A deformed Glacieron wobbles up, roars another oath of revenge, and then swims into the distance.


Match 6#


Gk: well it's been a while since the last fight folks and as the one responsabile for this i apologize. Now anyway we finaly have somthing you all have been waiting for......... A BRAND NEW FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kavu: yep and now that Stero has put Galcoren down to size it's time he move's on to some bigger fish


Stero vs. ................................... GIGAN!!!!!!!!  in Shanghi China

Stero sits on a small island in the Philopeens exausted from his long journy from the Antartic he is also slightly wounded from his battle with Galecoren he his badly bruised all over his body and not strong enough to quite unleash the full power of his Urainum heat ray, and worst of all is a huge gash on his right shoulder bleeding out gallons of Stero's blood.Yet from all this Stero sigh,s in releaf for he can at last do what he has been waiting for.... get some rest he rests his head against a rock and shuts his eye's as all his trouble's seem to evaporate into the horizin, but sudenly somthing catche's Stero's atenson over head in the sky somthing flying at speeds of over Mauch 3 it's Gigan a deadly monster from space that scientist know little about. Stero roars in Rage he is frustraited and uhappy due to the Fact he cant rest so with a heavy Sigh he swoops down and flys after the deadly Cyborg.



Kavu: this just in Gigan has landed in Shanghi and is destroying the city.


Gigan lands obliterating every thing in his path millions of Chinese citizens run in fear and terror as the city's skysrappers fall one by one but his rampadge is interupted when a Urainium blast hits him in the back the Cyborg screams in pain causing many windows to shatter and land on citizens fleeing the battleground. When Gigan turns around he see's a wounded Stero standing there taunting and Challinging the Cyborg. Stero jumps into the air and swoops at Gigan like a owl attacking a mouse but Gigan ducks and hits Stero in the chest with his sword like arms Stero crys in pain and hits the ground Gigan screatch's in Triumph, Stero strugle's to get up in great pain his muscle's seem weak he can hardly push himself up. incoriged by Stero's sign of weakness Gigan take's the upper hand and fire's a beam from his eye witch hits Stero directly in the gash on his arm causing even more blood to gash out, Stero cry's in even more pain and finaly manages to Get up and attempts to punch Gigan in the face but the great Kaiju is still to weak and colapses to the ground yet again. Stero now realizes he cannot win and try's to crall away but befor he can Gigan shoot cable's on to Stero and Drags him up to his feet, The Cyborg seems to chuckle as its Bazzor drill begins to spin and Stero begins to be pulled closer and closer and closer until finaly it strike's Stero Ripping and tearing at his cheast!!!!!!!!!! Stero screams in more and more pain until the drill stops and Stero falls to his knee's could this be the end of the once mighty Kaiju?????????


Kavu: NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! STERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gk: .............................. calm down please Well anyway i guess lets watch the rest of the fight


Gigan rases his claw and prepare's to kill Stero but Sudenly a beam of Fire hits Gigan Strait in the face breaking the cable's attached to Stero and Sending the Cyborg falling to the ground when Gigan strugle's up with half of his face burn't off when he looks up It's PHEONIX comming down in all her glory fully recoverd from her Fight with Galecoren. She lands behind a wounded Stero looking at him as if to say (you saved my Life it's only fair that i save yours). With a loud Screatch Phoeonix bursts into Flame's and Flys at Gigan's head but They Cyborg ducks and lifts up his arms to block the force, Pheonix blows off Gigan's arms causing him to scream I'n pain and fall towards the ground. as Gigan gets up he grunts and retreats at Great spead. Stero lies on the ground releaved and exausted Pheonix seems to smile at him then take's off in the air and flys toward the Horizon.

Gk:well your Kaiju is alive but he still tasted his first defeat due to his wounds from his fight with Galcecorein.

Kavu: sadly yes BUT I'M SO GLAD HE's ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gk: ah well anyway thats it for Today Folks Join us in Augest 17th 2007 for our next epic battle in ULTAMITE MONSTER WRESTLEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


More Kiaju battles to come! The sooner we get more kaiju, the better!