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Fan Created Kaiju

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 Do you have a kaiju that you wish would be created, but never can get around to it? Do you think your kaiju could be just as good as gojira or gamera? Well, just e-mail me(Kavu) and if I think it's good enough, then I'll put it add it into our ever growing 'fan created kaiju.' Just so you know, there are a few things I require for any of our fan created monsters . . .
  1. I need hight, weight, physical abilities, special abilities, and a description of history. Do not put ??? everywhere, make sure it’s detailed and well-written, and please be sure to spell-check it.
  2. The monster must be original, and not based on another. So no Super-Dooper-Hyper-Godzillas.
  4. The artwork must be original and not stolen from other source. DO NOT USE A PICTURE OF A MONSTER AND MODIFY IT TO CALL IT YOUR OWN! This includes blue rodans and scorpions shooting beam weapons. What I do want is artwork that was made completely by you. You can whip it up with crayon, slap something together with a computer paint program, or make a full-fledged 3-D model.
  5. Limit five per customer.
  6. Offer expires when the site does.
  7. If you want your kaiju to be featured in the UMW (ultimate monster wars), the kaiju cannot have their power so high that it could blow up the entire world! The limit in power? Your kaiju's can have a nuclear explosion that destroys a whole bulding, nothing more nothing less

Fan Created Kaiju



Height: 120 metters


Weight: 65'000 pounds


Creator: The GodzillaKing


Physical Powers: Flight at Mach 3.15, Hurricane force winds, Regenerative Powers 


Special Abilites: Can fire a Red Flame in the form of a powerful energy beam


Story: The pheonix is a monster that landed from space in 1954. He is a mix between a fire dragon and a phonix bird. He maybe in the storys I later write.


Weakness: When fire dies out, the pheonix dies. Extreme cold, areas without air.


A.K.A.: Experiment X
Height: 100 Meters
Weight: 60,000 Tons
Creator: Kavu
Regular Abilities: punching, kicking, biting, spiked tail-whipping, good jumper, regenerative ability, Flight at Mach 10, Good Swimmer, Super Intelligence
Special Abilities: A very powerful Uranium Blast, an Energy Discharge, Retentive Powers, Energy Absorption through Syringe in mouth(Stero gets some physical characteristic of the monster/Lasts 24 hrs), can use opponents special attacks through mouth after its been absorbed, CHAOS MODE when master is in danger.
Story: Experiment X, Stero, was created just shortly after Final Wars as an accident. When the Earth Defense Forces(EDF) was reestablished they used the DNA of every monster that had ever been seen to try and create a new army. An army of Mind Controlled Mutant Monsters! So after, like, 20 years the scientists had finally created 5 mind controlled monsters of their own; Gojira, Anguirus, Rodan, Mothra, and King Kong. So a mad scientists named, Hiromisha, decided to create a monster completely different from any other. But just as he completed his project(in the form of an egg) the authorities entered his lab and decided to "remove" him. After being removed from the premises a little girl, Lora, found the egg and took it home with her. Now Lora is the daughter of the new Kiryu III. Lora is a psychic/telepathic. And through her powers the egg is able to hatch one night and escape into the city where it grew. Due to being born from Lora's powers and also because he saw her, he thinks she is her master and will pretty much obey her every command.
Weakness: Out of control when in Chaos Mode, After Chaos Mode is over Stero must rest, and Syringe can be used to weaken Stero.

Godzilla J.R (adult form)

A.K.A : Godzilla, Godzilla 2

Height: 100 meters

Weight: 60,000 tons

Creator: the GodzillaKing

Regular Power: Bitting, kicking, Punching, tail whipping, claws, karate fighting

Special powers: atomic ray, nuclear pulse, super intellegente,  super regenerative power (his skin is near indistructable), uranium energy pulse, spiral heat ray, hyper spiral heat ray, 

Story: in Japan 1996 Godzilla melted down because of servire nuclear energy. His dead son, Godzilla J.R, obsorbed the energy and became the new Godzilla. He is more common names are Godzilla 2, and he is also called Godzilla. Inheriting the name from his dead father, he strikes fear into the very hearts of his enemys and shows no mercy. His power is so intence he dosen't need to obsorb nuclear energy daily. All the meltdown energy keeps suplying him with enough power to supply him every day. He attacks citys for vengance for the death of his father, but unlike his father, he attacks every country in the world. But before he began his terror he slept for ten years, in 2006 he awakend to wreak havock on Japan. He will be in my new story 'Godzilla's Return' and in th 'U.M.W. (ultamite monster wrestleing).'

Weakness: To much radiation will cause Godzilla Junior (adult form) to transform into meltdown mode and explode.

Super Fire Rodan
Height: 80 meters
Weight: 30,000 tons
Creator: The GodzillaKing
Regular Powers: Flight at Mach 10, Claws, Sharp Beck, Sharp Spikes on his chest, and Super Intelligents
Special Powers: Uranium Heat Beam and Spiral Ray
History: Godzilla Junior's step-brother, Fire Rodan, has come back to life and has become more powerful than before. Super Fire Rodan now has red skin and more special attacks than before.
Weakness: Rodan can go into Meltdown Mode when exposed to too much radiation and explode.
Height: 297 meters
Weight: 59,000 tons
Creator: Eric Chandler
Regular Powers: can manipulate, generate, and control ice, can transform into a flying form, ice-like healing
Special Powers: Can transform ice into any type of hand-based weapon, freezing ice lightning, and sub-zero ice breath
History: Glacieron was created by Kalyptro (Kal-ip-tro), an evil clone  of Eric, Kalyptro was created by science and sorcery. Origionally Kalyptro was made to serve Eric. Unfortunatly Eric wasn't able to control Kalyptro. And soon Kalyptro escaped and created his own kaiju to attack Japan. After Glacerion was created Kalyptro cloned a mutant to help control Glacerion, called Torn. Glacerion was sent out to Japan to conquer it, but it lost after Godzilla Junior melted away Glacreion. After their supposed mighty kaiju was defeated, Kalyptro and Torn was sent to jail; were they can be found to this day. While his masters were captured, Glacerion reformed and traveled to Antarctica. Now Glacerion attacks any ship, submarine, plane, etc that enters his territoy.
Weakness: Extreme heat (i.e. fire) . . . DUH ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Creator: Darkman

Height: 105 meters

Weight: 50,000 tons

Wingspan: 80 meters

Regular Powers: Biting, Tail Whipping, Body Slam, Flam Breathe

Special Powers: Energy Beam from mouth, Regenerative Power, 'Finishing Blow' (were Orthankru flys up into space and lands down at an extreme speed on his opponent, causing a large crator.)

History: Orthankru was the dragon God of the lost city of Atlantis, in ancient times. Orthankru left Atlantis when his slaves revloted against him, he destroyed them mercilessly and sunk the rest of Atlantis. Orthankru then slept for over a thousand years. He now has been awakened through dark magic and wrecks havok througout the citys of Earth. He was awakened shortly after the original Godzilla exploded in his Meltdown Form in 1996. Orthankru has been sent to destroy the world, and only Godzilla and the other kaiju are what keeps him from accomplishing his mission. While Godzilla is an evil feind, Orthankru is a living curse to humanity.

Weakness: Orthankru is extremly affected by extreme cold, because it disables his fire breathe and energy beams