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The Greatest 'Godzilla' Movies Of All Time

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MY OPINION of the master pieces and crapiest pieces of the Godzilla's genre

"Godzilla, King of The Monsters" (the title says it all)
This movie was the only good kaiju movie done in black and white. It was also the start of the greatest kaiju movie genre ever! And it also was the starting movie for the, as the title says, King of The Monsters. And it is also a collectable, since it's the 1st Godzilla movie.
Godzilla VS Mechagodzilla 2
Now this movie was the best of the hessine series whith a epic battle and better CG then the all the otheres in the hessine series
"Godzilla v.s. Biollante"
After all of the terrible Godzilla movies in the showa seris and Godzilla 1985. Toho managed to make a good Godzilla movie at long last. Great plot and beautiful visuals. Makes for on of the greatest Godzilla movies I've ever seen. 
"Godzilla: Final Wars"
This movie had the best CGI of any Godzilla movie, but the CGI done on the monsters wasn't as good. Also it had the most action, the best plot, and an important point on the end. This was the best Godzilla film to date! It’s the 50th Anniversary movie, and as such they decided to do something really special, and for Toho that means bringing back a whole bunch of classic kaiju from the past for one all-out crazy "celebration" of sorts. With 14 monsters total, it beats the previous record, and at 125 minutes, it’s also the longest Godzilla movie ever. Yet with all this monster fun they’ve added a lot of other fun things as well. "Gotengo" ends up fighting Godzilla in the beginning, and a little latter on fights Manda. Once the monsters start attacking cities the fun really begins! Plenty of cities around the world get trashed, my favorite was when Rodan attacked New York City. We also get mutant humans with powerful ray guns taking on Ebirah, and numerous flying submarines duking it out with a variety of kaiju. Now once Godzilla arrives he doesn’t take on all the monsters at once, that would make the movie to short. Instead it’s mostly smaller battles against 1 to 3 kaiju. Unfortunately these battles are rather quick, which is something I don't like in the movies a short battle. But then again the preliminary battles could be leading up to the main, one should have been longer, perhaps a minute longer each or so. Unlike GMK, Godzilla takes out his enemies in a variety of methods, not just with his famous thermonuclear beam. The methods of combat are very fun to watch, although at times it gets perhaps a bit to weird (like say a game of soccer, with Anguilus as the ball!). The final fight is a 2 vs. 2 battle and is the best one, even if it is intercut with human plot most of the time. I guess the reason it works this time is because the humans are actually fighting as well, hard to tell. Mothra fighting Gigan was fun to watch, and the final struggle of Godzilla and Keizer Ghidorah was the sort of final battle you want to see. Great stuff overall. Each monster has a new design and some new powers, and with the cartoony nature of the style, they still look good when computer generated. The "Zilla" found in this movie proves that Toho never was good with CGI when compared to bigger-budgeted projects, but they do prove that they can get the job done and still be entertaining. Manda is also CGI, which in my opinion looks better than he mostly looked in the past. Of all the monsters found in this movie, the real standout one is Gigan. I’ve always like Gigan, and for me it’s great to see his rather large role here. The first battle with Godzilla was unfortunately short and anti-climatic, but luckily they revive him for the final showdown. He’s got a lot of new gadget attachments, and uses them to good effect, expecially against Mothra. The main kaiju of the piece, Godzilla, is rather well done also. They pretty much boiled down 50 years of history and infused it into a single Godzilla. He’s good at times, he’s evil at times, and more often then not he’s neutral. Whatever he does, he acts like Godzilla, and the design makes him look like Godzilla no matter what he’s doing. Deep down it truly is a Godzilla movie. A very good tribute to the real king of kaiju, Godzilla. Even though some people say this movie is Godzilla's retirement party, you know those people at Toho are already planning on another movie, after all a good thing is hard to put down.

OK, so we've gone through the "BEST" of the Godzilla genre. So now it's time for the worst of them all. and they are . . .
Godzilla (The US one)
Someway, somehow, Tristar and Centropolis got ahold of the rights to make a Godzilla movie! ! ! And that can only mean one thing! Yep, a godzilla rip off. They tried to make it bigger and better, but didn't. They completely went to far with the updates, making not godzilla, but a Godzilla In Name Only! It could be a mistake, it could be an accident, it could be revenge for Toho ruining King Kong. Whatever it is, it was the worst godzilla movie ever made. But no matter what, this isn't a Godzilla movie.
Godzilla's Revenge

Unanimously agreed on to be one of the worse Godzilla movie ever made! I’m not sure what they were thinking when they made this one, but it was stupid. It's so bad that it pains me to even watch it! It's boring and has half the movie in stock footage. It has it’s good points, but their just not worth it. Bottom line is: don’t watch this movie unless you have to.

Godzilla v.s. Megalon

The movie is not totally goofy, though. It is also pathetic, stupid, and just plain bad. OK, so it isn’t a total waste. Not much to say about this one.


These are all MY OPINIONS. So if you have a complaint, don't e-mail them to me.